Broadband Adoption

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Broadband Adoption


Broadband is a crucial driver of economic recovery, job creation and global competitiveness. As the nation’s largest residential broadband provider, cable recognizes that broadband adoption is a critical element to fulfilling broadband’s potential.

The Connect2Compete program is a public-private partnership, including cable’s leading broadband providers and the FCC, that unites partners in a coordinated, community-based program that is dedicated to a common purpose – promoting adoption among families with school-age children that have not yet hooked up to broadband. Connect2Compete offers a discounted promotional rate of no more than $9.95 a month (plus tax) for high-speed Internet access to qualifying families with kids in grades Kindergarten through 12 who receive free lunch under the National School Lunch Program.

Government and industry studies on broadband adoption confirm that there is no “one size fits all” approach to closing the digital divide and that socioeconomic factors such as income and education are important but not sole determinants of broadband use. While cable broadband is available to 93 percent of U.S. households, many consumers who can subscribe to broadband choose not to for a variety of reasons, including a lack of digital training and skills, a lack of perceived relevance to their lives, and affordability concerns.