Broadcast Transcript – Macomb Xfinity Store Opening

WWJ-AM, Newstalk – Detroit, MI


Marie Osborne, anchor: You too have seen the Apple Store where the company shows off it’s latest products, now Comcast is coming out with its own store. WWJ’s Matt Roush says the first Comcast store opens today in Macomb Township.

Matt Roush, GLITR (Great Lakes Information & Technical Report): Comcast officials say the idea of the 3600 square foot center is to allow customers to play, to try out all of Comcast’s products and services first day depending on what their needs are. Customers will be able to use various types of Cable TV connections and devices. They’ll also be able to try out the Apps Comcast offers for tablets, and they’ll be able to play with Comcast’s Xfinity Home products for home management and security. More on the tech news section of CBS, Matt Roush, tech editor WWJ Radio 950.