Video Competition

Issue Name:  Video Competition Summary:  Today’s marketplace is fiercely competitive and rapidly evolving as the array of choices for consumers to enjoy video on multiple devices in and out of the home continues to grow. The competing platforms are Multichannel Video Program Distributors (MVPD) including cable, two national satellite companies, and the large telephone companies, […]

Usage Based Pricing

Issue Name:  Usage Based Pricing Summary:  Some wireline Internet service providers have started to offer new options that allow customers to buy plans that best fit their monthly household Internet needs. “Tiered” or “usage based” service plans are not new. They are commonly used in connection with many different types of goods and services and […]

Protecting Children

Issue Name:  Protecting Children Summary:  As a leading provider of TV and high-speed Internet services, the cable industry shares the concerns of parents about shielding children from TV and online content they deem inappropriate, and keeping children safe when online. Cable’s long-standing commitment to helping parents manage media includes providing a wide range of tools, […]

Consumer Privacy

Issue Name:  Consumer Privacy Summary:  With millions of consumers spending an ever increasing amount of time online to conduct e-commerce, share personal information and search for an unlimited array of content, federal policymakers are exploring how consumer privacy can be protected. As these concepts are being considered, care must be taken to ensure that these […]

Broadband Deployment

Issue Name:  Broadband Deployment Summary:  As the nation’s largest broadband provider, cable strives to get everyone near and far, young and old, online. Cable reaches into communities and invests in partnerships to increase broadband access, improve digital literacy, promote computer ownership, and encourage home broadband use. Cable’s $185 billion network investment enables consumers to enjoy […]

Broadband Adoption

Issue Name:  Broadband Adoption Summary:  Broadband is a crucial driver of economic recovery, job creation and global competitiveness. As the nation’s largest residential broadband provider, cable recognizes that broadband adoption is a critical element to fulfilling broadband’s potential. The Connect2Compete program is a public-private partnership, including cable’s leading broadband providers and the FCC, that unites partners in […]

A La Carte – Fewer Choices, Less Diversity, Higher Prices

Issue Name: A La Carte Summary: Cable’s method of delivering programming networks via packages – with channels bundled into a wide variety of basic and premium tiers – provides consumers with significant choice, quality content and the best overall value. This model has enabled hundreds of programming networks, including niche networks that seek underserved viewers, […]