Higher Costs for Cable Companies Could Mean Higher Prices for Consumers

Chelsea Mihelich, – Nashville, TN 2/26/2013 Cable companies say they will have to raise prices if the costs for attaching their equipment to power poles go up. Legislation introduced at the state capitol proposes a so-called “shared cost rate.” It would allow utilities to charge cable providers based on how much space is available [...]

Oscars’ best ratings in 3 years boost audiences for Jimmy Kimmel, ‘Good Morning America’

Associated Press 2/26/13 The 40.4 million people who watched the Oscars this year boosted some other ABC shows, too. Jimmy Kimmel’s post-Oscars talk show got its biggest audience in the eight years he’s been doing it, the Nielsen Co. said. About 5.8 million people tuned in for the show, which didn’t begin until after midnight [...]

Court Upholds FCC’s Pole Attachment Rule Changes D.C. Federal Appeals Court Says Commission Sufficiently Justified Change in Policy

John Eggerton, Multichannel News 2/26/13 The U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit Tuesday upheld the FCC’s pole attachment rate order, finding utility company arguments against the decision without merit. It also found that the FCC, in changing decades old policy on pole attachments, had justified the standard–set in the recent Fox indecency case–for [...]

TiVo Matches TV Viewers With Their Web Usage Claims to Offer Largest Single-Source Sample for Cross-Platform Measurement

Todd Spangler, Multichannel News 2/26/13 TiVo’s research unit is offering what it claims it is the largest data set in the industry for analyzing what consumers watch on TV and see on the Internet, with a sample of more than 100,000 households that uses online data supplied by Experian. The TiVo Research and Analytics subsidiary’s [...]

Net providers begin warning of illegal downloads

Anne Flahery, Associated Press 2/26/13 Internet users who illegally share music, movies or television shows online could soon receive warning notices from the nation’s five major Internet service providers. The Copyright Alert System, organized by the recording and film industry, is being activated this week to target consumers using peer-to-peer software. Under the new system, [...]

Warnings system for online piracy launches

Roger Yu, USA Today 2/26/13 In a new warning system launched Monday, Internet service providers will begin alerting users engaged in online piracy and possibly limit repeat offenders’ Internet access. Called the Copyright Alert System (CAS), it’ll be adopted by five of the most popular service providers, including AT&T, Cablevision, Comcast, Time Warner Cable and [...]

FCC Media Ownership Vote Delayed to Study Minority Impact

Todd Shields, Bloomberg 2/26/13 The Federal Communications Commission won’t vote on changes to U.S. media ownership rules until an outside group studies effects on minority broadcasters, the agency’s chairman said today. The study will take “several weeks,” followed by public comment and a commission vote, Chairman Julius Genachowski said in a statement. Commissioner Robert McDowell, [...]

Comcast recruiting architect to build network DVR

Steve Donohue, FierceCable 2/26/13 Comcast is building a network, or cloud-based DVR, that will be integrated with its new Xfinity X1 service, according to a job listing it posted last week. “TVX is fundamentally changing the definition of digital video recorders by setting up virtual recording and storage in the cloud. This is being integrated [...]

Comcast’s ‘X2′ to Get Personal With the TV

Jeff Baumgartner, Light Reading 2/26/13 NCTC Winter Educational Conference (WEC)– Comcast Corp. is adding enhancements to its cloud-based guide that will deliver personalized recommendations based on viewing habits and other data. The product under development, internally referred to as “X2,” will offer a “stronger editorial voice throughout the guide,” said Rachel Lee, Comcast’s senior director [...]

Clearwire may tap financing from Sprint Nextel – WSJ

Reuters News 2/26/13 Clearwire Corp plans to tap financing from Sprint Nextel, in a move that further complicates Dish Network’s effort to buy Clearwire, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing people familiar with the situation. Dish made an offer of $3.30 per share for the wireless broadband operator, which had already agreed to sell itself [...]